The guide to the perfect package: how to pack your goods properly?

According to the Sealed Air 2014 - Packaging for e-commerce study conducted in the United States, 66% of consumers believe that packaging tells how well the merchant takes care of them and their order. At a time of continued growth in e-commerce, this is vital for companies.

If the packaging of a package seems to be a harmless gesture, there are however some essential bases to respect. Follow our guide to the perfect package, step by step.

Ask yourself the right ques...

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10 tips to sell your new or used equipment at the best price

Whether it is to resell a duplicate device, because it has been replaced by a more recent one or to discreetly dispose of a Christmas or birthday gift that does not please, we will all have to resell a second-hand item in our lives as consumers. This can be done between acquaintances, in a depot or through classified ads, in newspapers or on the Internet.

We also all want to get the best price from this device and if possible, we want it to be done within a reasonable time frame....

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How to sell quickly and well on the internet?

More than half of people have already sold or would be ready to sell a Christmas gift. Beyond gift errors, our closets, cellars and garages are often full. A multitude of unused items, which have a high market value and could be easily resold on the Internet. How to sell on the internet quickly and well?

💡 This article is part of the advice to enjoy more of life without money. Discover them all here!

The right time to sell on the internet
All used sales ...

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Why your second hand product isn’t selling ?

Your prices are too high. 

Most of people want find the best deal at the best price.
Did you try to reduce your price? This is usually the number one reason buyers are not interested in your products.

Your second hand product isn’t nicely organized, displayed, or described. 

High quality photos have the most impact on the first view, your photos must be clear, high quality and show the physical product from different angles....

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